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Life Writing Courses with Corinne

Because you have a life worth reading


Journal Your Life - Online (JYL01)

This is a perfect class for never journalers, new journalers, journaling doubters, and journalers who are stuck. This six-week course includes:

  • a brief introduction to what journaling is and isn’t and its benefits in life, relationships, career, and finding purpose,
  • important basics for new journalers,
  • at least six different techniques for journaling,
  • journaling practice together with exercises and prompts to get you unstuck,
  • ideas for journaling,
  • finding your journaling style and voice,
  • a safe space for you to share if and when you’re ready (no judgment),
  • essential truths in journaling.
  • Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Maximum of 12 people (minimum of 5)
  • Expect to do approximately 15 to 20 minutes of journaling 5- days a week during the course.

Just as important as the formal lessons, are the Q&A, discussions, and however much sharing individuals students want.  We have interactive conversations where your questions or concerns can be addressed in real-time, where you can be seen and heard and feel a part of a community. 



PRICE: $125.00 US

More Personal Essay Writing - Online (MPE01)

This course is for students who have already taken SPE01 with me (or a GAB course with another instructor). Here, we go broader and deeper and learn more about writing as a craft.

We continue to use the GAB method to explore even more challenging life themes and prompts while adding “Stylistic Challenges” in each class.

As  with all my classes, I adjust course materials to best meet the needs of the students. No two classes are exactly alike. Some students have taken More Personal Essay Writing over again, each time experiencing new insights.

On completion of this course, you’ll have the same benefits as in SPE01.

  • Classes are 2 hours with a 5-10 minute break.
  • Weekly one-hour Writing Laps are included (optional – recommended)
  • Maximum 8 participants (minimum 5)
  • Expect to do at least 1.5 to 2 hours of homework per week.

PRICE: $269.00 US (10% discount for my previous students)

Start Writing Your Personal Essays - Online (SPE01)

The core of this class is based on the GAB (Guided Autobiography) method* developed over 40 years by Dr. James Birren of the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies. It is well-known in helping people document their life stories. In Start Writing Your Personal Essays, I’ve added my decades of experience as a writer and editor to create a course where students can explore their true writing voice and begin to write more expressively.

Over eight weeks, I guide students through themes to help evoke memories. Each student writes two-pages on that theme and (if they choose) reads it out loud at the next class and received feedback from fellow classmates. It’s a beautiful way to connect with and discover self and others. I also read all students’ stories and watch progress which culminates in a written feedback at the end of the course.

On the completion of this course and all assignments, you’ll have:

  • seven short personal essays,
  • feedback from fellow classmates,
  • one written feedback from me with tips on how to continue on your own.
  • Classes are 2 hours with a 5-10 minute break.
  • PLUS: Weekly one-hour Writing Laps are included (optional -recommended)
  • Maximum 8 participants (minimum 5)
  • Expect to do at least 1-2 hours of homework per week.

*I am a certified instructor by the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies.

PRICE: $269.00 US

Guided Memoir Writing - Online (GMW01) 2020 Fully-Booked

This 6- to 8-month course is intense and recommended only for those who have made a true commitment to their memoir.

  • Groups are made of up 4-6 people and we meet in real-time every two weeks for 2+ hours with a short break.
  • There are also weekly one-hour Writing Laps sessions that are optional (but highly recommended).
  • Each course is tailored to the needs of the writers enrolled.
  • One class per month includes a lesson and theme designed according to the needs of the writers and is when each writer sets his/her goals for the month.
  • The second class per month consists of accountability, feedback, support, and coaching among other things.

Please contact me directly to schedule a 30-minute call to find out if this course is a good match for your goals.

SORRY! The 2020 course begins in June and is already fully booked.

PRICE:  $2,200. US


These are questions that have come up or that students have indicated they would have liked to have known. 

If you have other questions, please send me a message (see below). I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What are these "Writing Laps" that you keep referring to?

Writing Laps are short (6, 8, 10, or 15 minutes), timed writing intervals. They are similar to what you may know of as “word wars” or “word sprints”.

A Writing Lap session for my community members lasts one hour.

  • I provide a writing prompt (usually related to life writing, but sometimes its something just for fun),
  • I announce the time and set a timer, and … ready … set … go!
  • we all type. NO corrections of punctuation, grammar, or spelling are allowed. Everyone just writes as fast as they can.
  • We get in several Writing Laps in the hour (anywhere from 2 to 4).

In between laps or at the end, those who wish to can share and read their writing.

It’s an activity that everyone enjoys — it’s very “freeing” because no one’s had time to edit. It’s all “raw” and “perfect in its imperfection.” 🙂

How do I know I'll get what you promise?

That’s a little tough to answer. I can tell you that all of my students have finished feeling anywhere from satisfied to ecstatic about the learning, progress, and tangible outcomes they achieved. (please seem my testimonials on my Home page) If you attend classes and do the homework, I believe you’ll be very happy.

If a student has a problem, I always suggest that they contact me directly and immediately. Each need and situation is different, so I have no hard and fast rules, but I will do everything in my power to resolve the problem and try to make things right. 

Do I have to use my webcam during class? Why can't I just have audio on?

Sometimes, due to tech problems or travel, students can’t access with video. And, on a one-off basis, that’s understandable. However, I do require students to come to class regularly with both Webcam and microphone. Being able to see and hear each other is essential to creating camaraderie, trust, and community in my classes.

There are times when people choose to share very personal stories, and it’s important that we can see each other and know that there are other human beings on the other side.

I do understand that some people aren’t initially comfortable with this format, but it’s something that (so far) students have been able to quickly adapt to and eventually appreciate.

I've found other online courses for cheaper. Why are yours more expensive?

If you’re looking for a pure GAB (Guided Autobiography course) course, you will find courses offered at a lower rate. And, I encourage you to check them out. The training that GAB instructors receive is excellent and, in my experience, we’re all full of heart.

In many ways, I use the same method as other GAB instructors. What I also bring to my students is decades of experience in writing and editing. If in addition to experiencing this magical method, you also wish to enhance your writing skills, my courses will be a good fit.  At the end of each course, I provide individualized written feedback to each student. 

Even in the Starting course, I may apply GAB themes and methods while also including tips and tricks and exercises so students can experiment with different writing techniques. There’s also the opportunity to apply those techniques (or just have fun) in the Writing Laps that are offered free to current students.

Do you offer discounts?


Students who have completed Start Writing Your Personal Essays SPE01 with me are entitled to a 10% discount on MEP01 and GMW01.

Occasional discounts are offered to newsletter subscribers and members of my community. 

In Fall 2020, I hope to offer a scholarship based on need and commitment.

Do you offer scholarships?

In Fall 2020, I hope to offer a need/commitment-based scholarship. 

Please watch this space.

Still Have Questions?