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About Corinne

Life Writing Facilitator

Because you have a life worth reading

“I Never thought of myself as a writer, but Corinne helped me discover talent that had apparently been just waiting to be used. ~ Geri W.

My Story

Yikes! Just the thought of writing an “About me” promo-type text, makes me want to sort socks and scrub bathroom grout.

You see, I grew up in a family where talking about yourself, especially tootin’ your own horn was frowned upon and even considered “undignified”. That’s a real contradiction when you grow up in the US, where self-promotion is said to come naturally.

What’s a bona fide introverted American of Japanese descent to do? Well, this one learned to stretch in other ways. When I die, I want “She stepped and danced outside her comfort zone” engraved on my urn.

Each of my jobs from researcher, news writer, PR manager to ESL teacher and curriculum developer, HR analyst, corporate consultant and trainer, co-founder of an educational NGO, and then for the last 15-ish years, writer, writing coach, and editor required that I develop different skill sets every step of the way.

That, combined with moves from Maryland to Boston, DC, S. Florida,  and NY, then across the ocean to Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, rural South Africa, Oregon, and now Northern Spain made me most comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Through it all, self-promotion remains beyond my uncomfortable zone. But I believe that it’s made me work that much harder to BE what I was so I wouldn’t have to SELL what I was.

I know that my zig-zagged career path and multi-continental lifestyle appear to have no tie. But there has been: My writing! Through most of my jobs and personal struggles, writing has woven through and grounded me. Writing is my friend — except when it’s not. But no lasting relationship goes without strife.

And that’s how I’ve arrived where I am today. As a lifelong lover of writing, I want to share what I’ve learned and learn about you.

Why I Love What I Do

Sparks for the Future

Students often unearth importance in their lives that they’d forgotten or never realized. Sometimes that knowledge even sparks new purpose and meaning.

Preserving Histories

Both my parents have passed on. The true tragedy is that there are so many stories of love and betrayal, hardship and blessing, bonding and detachment, sadness and joy, and surely, universal lessons learned that died with them. It does my heart good to know that I’m helping others avoid that same loss.

Find Common Ground

A couple of my classes have had people of vastly different backgrounds and values. It’s unlikely that in their normal daily lives they would come across one another, much less find any commonality. But through sharing of life stories, some very unlikely connections and bonds have been made.

Some Relevant Creds

  • Certified Instructor of Guided Autobiography (GAB) by the  Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies.
  • 15+ years freelance writer, writing coach, and editor
  • Writer and/or editor of (lost count of) articles, a handful of books, and anthologies — mostly non-fiction.
    Lifelong journaler.
  • Current studies with the Center for Journal Therapy, Journal to the Self Instructor Training
  • Bachelors of Science in Journalism, Boston University
  • Graduate Studies in Teaching English and a 2nd Language, Georgetown University
  • Certification with Learning Identity, a teaching philosophy and protocol strongly tied to learning styles
  • Previous news, pr, and marketing writer
  • First story (fiction genre) written at the age of approximately 7 for my sister, called Thumberella.

Random Factoids

  • Loves: My iPhone, my hubby and my three canine masters, Kazu, Spike (pictured) and Fussel.
  • Hobbies: Journaling, crafts, puzzles, board games …
  • Side gigs: My Etsy shop,  SwanStoneDesigns, an outlet for my weird humor.
  • To do for friends: Cook and explore new places.
  • Clubs: Toastmasters, Storytelling.
  • Charities: Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, Autism Speaks, Bruntville Dog Project.
  • Fave TV: Procedural dramas, Zombie shows, thrillers.
  • Crazy about: My hubby, Buffy, Jason Momoa, cannolis, saba shioyaki, hubby’s salted caramel ice cream.
  • Weaknesses: potato chips, gummies, and Leonidas chocolates.
  • Regrets: I never asked my parents about their youth.
  • Labels: Introvert, empath, geek/nerd, thoughtful iconoclast, occasional space cadet.