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because you have a life worth reading

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

I invite you to join me in an adventure. I help people like you recall life’s stories and capture them through Life Writing.

Prepare to be moved and touched, to have your heart sing and expand, and be warmed by small precious moments seemingly forgotten.


What Is Life Writing?

Life Writing is the non-fictional, written recording of personal experiences and observations. I help you access two main elements in Life Writing: your memories and your powers of description. In my different courses, we focus on writing journals, autobiographies, personal essays, or memoirs.

(Other forms might be diaries, blogs, poems, biographies, and letters) 

Why Life Write?

Different people embark on Life Writing for different reasons.

  • Some people want to write their stories to give to family and friends
  • Some people want to write a memoir about a particularly impactful period as a catharsis or because they want to share their message.
  • Some people want to journal to track important events or decisions in life. or organize thoughts and goals
  • Some people don’t know why they want to do Life Writing. They just do.

What are the Benefits of Life Writing?

From my experience as facilitator, student, and writer, the list of benefits of Life Writing is long. A few examples include:

  • leaving a legacy of personal history
  • discovering personal purpose and relevance
  • connecting and bonding with others
  • passing on words of wisdom and life lessons
  • processing feelings about events to gain greater understanding
  • passing down family traditions, memorabilia, and culture
  • acquiring new perspectives on life, problems, and self

I invite you to look through the courses* below.

*Please note that I do NOT offer purely taped (asynchronous) classes. There are plenty of those to be found.

I do tape some of the information and homework for students to watch in their own time before class meetings. But the value I offer is during class. This is where we have real-time interactions. It’s through working together, sharing, sometimes having friendly competitions, and feedback where the real learning and discovery explode. I do ask that students do everything in their power to attend all classes.

I pride myself on creating a welcoming, comfortable space for maximum connection.


Writing Laps

Writing doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. Every week (except in December, when I take a break :)), I run Writing Laps, an hour-long exercise that’s the jewel for everyone.

I provide questions, prompts, or food for thought; I set a timer; everyone writes as quickly as possible. We get in as many “rounds” of writing to prompts as possible and spend some time sharing.

It’s a chance to feel heard and a part of a community. Oh, and it’s also FUN!

Start Writing Your Autobiography - Guided Autobiography

“Someday I want to write about my life.” ”I need to write my stories for my kids and grandchildren one day, before they’re lost forever.” Do these thoughts sound familiar? If someday or one day hasn’t come, this 8-session course can provide the right helping hand. Start Writing is for everyone. Each week, you write a 2-page story. For the more experienced writers, it provides structure, accountability, and feedback. At the end of the course, you’ll have 7 short personal essays.

GAB Plus with Writing Craft

Over 8 sessions, GAB Plus takes you broader and deeper to writing to seven NEW mini-life themes that might include adventure, heritage, or friendship . . . In this class, there’s more emphasis on techniques to bring your writing alive and to be more evocative. Each week, we explore a different stylistic device.

I occasionally adjust writing themes and techniques based on the interests and needs of the class attendees.  No two courses are ever exactly alike. 

Guided Memoir Writing - Advanced Long-term Course

Please contact me directly. This is a long-term 6- to 8-month course with online, real-time sessions every other week. The goal of this course is to finish with a first draft of your book-length memoir.

This course is suitable only for those who have made a major commitment to writing and who have a clear theme and at least a sketch of an outline.

About Me

Ever since I can remember, people have liked to tell me their stories. I’ve had the good fortune to have heard a lot of fascinating tales through the years.

Over a person’s lifespan, those events may have lasted a mere flash, but each was a significant moment of adventure, courage, pain, grief, laughter or joy and always of some lesson learned, generally toward hope.

I lost track of how many times I’ve said, “You need to write your story.” And how many times people have said, “Nah, no one would be interested.” or “No way. I can’t write!” or “Yeah, one day.”

Those answers have always left me with a twinge of sadness. It’s through our stories that we live beyond that moment, beyond that experience, beyond our lifetime. I wonder if those stories and lives will have the chance to touch others and live on.

So, one important reason why I’m so passionate about being a Life Writers Facilitator: I help people to discover their life worth reading.

Please click through my website, get to know me a little bit, check out one of my workshops, or join in one of my Free Word Warring sessions or Writing Challenges.

Thanks so very much for reading me,



“I have always wanted to write about my life experiences, but every time I attempted to, it quickly became overwhelming. This course has completely changed my outlook on memoir writing and journaling. I now look forward to writing and sorting out my thoughts on paper.”

J. Nickelson

“I never thought of myself as a writer, but this class helped me discover talent that had apparently been just waiting to be used. Corinne makes memoir writing fun. I learned to focus my memories and how to bring the reader into my world. I am so excited that I had seven short stories at the end!”

Geri W.

“I loved Corinne’s Guided Autobiography classes. She made it easy and interesting to write about memories by focusing on life themes. Corinne created a welcoming and safe space for participants to share their stories. We practiced writing succinctly yet with passion and feeling.

Melinda C.

I started this course thinking that I wouldn’t have many stories to tell about my life, as my life is boring. That assumption was broken within the first classes. Each class has a distinct subject, and Corinne asks a lot of questions that help trigger memories. I’ve found I loved to dive into my life and find the tiny but meaningful stories. I can’t recommend it enough.

Sylvia vB

BLOG – uploading of my blog posts is coming soon.

Life Writers Club

Coming soon

Give me a bit more time! 

I’m in the process of creating an online community of Live Writers — those who are long-timers, those who are new to it, and those who are contemplating starting up. 

A lot of resources and discussion areas will be free, others will have small fees attached, and others will be exclusive to those who have taken classes together. 

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