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Write with Corinne

Your go-to expert when you’re yearning to write your life stories, but don’t know where to start.

Write to get good at life

I hear you!

You’ve been thinking about writing your life stories, but don’t know how to start.

Believe me, I know all the reasons to delay.

I’ve been writing ever since I learned how to write a sentence, and I know the feelings of doubt, insecurity, fear, and even anxiety that can come with thoughts of writing our stories. I also know the joy, pride and catharsis. I delight in inspiring people to take the jump (it doesn’t have to be a leap), try new things, look at parts of life with a different perspective and enjoy writing about them all.

Why you should write

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When you learn with me, you get

Among other things, I have been a writer and editor professionally for over 20 cumulative years. That has included writing for newspapers, magazines and broadcast news organizations, businesses and NGOs as well as editing and coaching clients in writing. Clients have included MDs, lawyers and psychologists as well as Ph.D. candidates and retirees. I have a bachelor’s in magazine journalism and did my graduate work in linguistics. My love of writing has endured since I was eight when I wrote my first short story.

In addition to having studied and implemented different teaching and training programs over 7+ years, I am a certified instructor in the Guided Autobiography method (GAB) which is the result of 40+ years of research by Dr. James Birren (University of Southern California). It is a widely recognized method to document our life stories as well as to develop greater understanding and appreciation of self and others. I am also a certified Senior Learning Style Facilitator through Learning Identity/YourWay.

There are no two ways about it: writing can be hard and sometimes lonely. My self-study and group coaching classes, Writing Laps and the relationships  we build provide an atmosphere of welcomed support. All have helped to create a willingness and enthusiasm to write life stories and to grow from them. The benefits I’ve experienced and witnessed are boundless, and I’m committed to doing whatever I can to pass on what I know and instill my passion for writing life stories in others just like you.

Starter Kit

Free Starter Kit -
Write Your Life Stories


Get your FREE Starter Kit to ease you on your journey in writing your life stories.
You will discover:
  • what life writing is and why people love writing their life stories,
  • techniques to organize significant events and map your life journey,
  • simple ways to create your own memory prompts for writing,
  • fun writing activities,
  • tips to help keep you motivated to write.


via Self-Study or Blended/Live
  • 12 self-study videos with
  • 6 writing themes, 6 lessons on stylistic devices, and writing tips and memory stimulating activities,
  • questions and imagery specific to each theme to help awaken your memories and to each writing style to help enliven your stories,
  • a workbook and worksheets to use in conjunction with the videos.
  • PLUS, depending on the program you choose, other activities and opportunities may be included (see program options below).

If you complete all the lessons and assignments, at the end of the course you’ll have 6 short stories for yourself or to share with friends, family or the world.

Program Options

Self-Study Online

The 8-session self-study courses are perfect for those who prefer to learn and write in their own time, at their own pace, or in the privacy of their own space. It also suits those who aren’t able to make firm time commitments for group class meetings.

With this option, you have access to the online course videos and materials for up to a year from your enrollment.


WWC Writers’ Club Membership: Get FULL access to ALL WWC Writers’ Club self-study online courses, worksheets, and journaling ebooks, plus monthly live calls, special events, priority access to free and paid events and courses, and more. 




Are you looking for guidance with feedback and sharing? This option is for the life writer who seeks a personalized approach with accountability and support.

The Blended/LIVE option includes access to Self-Study videos and materials PLUS LIVE sharing/feedback sessions and informal LIVE coaching sessions. An 8-week course.


Masterclass: This is a 5-month LIVE, face-to-face Zoom course with full-on group time with me and 1-on-1 office-time. Lessons are tailored to the specific needs of the class participants, so these are small, handpicked groups.



Writing Laps

Stuck on what to write? Facing Writer’s Block? Need a little kick to get your creative juices flowing?

Writing Laps will help get you writing. In these LIVE one-hour small group sessions, Corinne provides prompts and you’ll write spontaneously during 4 to 8-minute “laps”. At breaks, those who wish to can share their writing. This is a favorite!

$12/session or $40 for 4

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... how it feels to be able to share your life stories with family, friends or even the world.